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Joseph Federico Clifton NJ

Joseph Federico was born in Paterson, NJ. He is an accomplished engineer and VP and Director of NJ MET, in Clifton NJ. From an early age, Joseph was taught to be an active member of his community, and has volunteered his time to coach school sports such as softball, soccer, and basketball for the youth in Wayne, NJ.

In addition, Joseph Federico takes part in organizing Charity Fundraisers and contributes to a variety of charities, including Walk MS, an event benefiting the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, March of Dimes, and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

For 18 years, Joseph Federico was a spiritual mentor to Catholic children in his local Catholic parish as a Confraternity of Christian Doctrine (CCD) Instructor. He takes enormous pride in this role and considers it to be his greatest accomplishment.

Joseph Federico also recognizes that charity work is not just for free time. His generosity has also continued through his business. Joseph Federico revamped his video production company in May of 2010 into a non-profit organization. Joseph Federico’s video production company, in its ten year existence from 1988 to 1998 provided professional videotaping and editing services to local business and school events. When approached to video tape the First Holy Communion Ceremony for Sacred Heart Church in Clifton, NJ, Joseph Federico did the job pro bono and donated all proceeds to the church.

Since the reorganization of this company Joseph has pledged to give 100 percent of proceeds to charity and is providing job opportunities for students in the metropolitan area.

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