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About Joseph Federico and NJ MET

As Vice President, Director of Operations and accomplished engineer at NJ MET, Joseph Federico has established the company as a market leader. NJ MET is headquartered in Clifton, NJ with branches in throughout the world.

A 38-year veteran of the company, Joseph Federico has developed NJ MET into a leading provider of state of the art electronic components and parts testing. Clifton, NJ based NJ MET offers an array of services, including digital testing, reliability and environmental conditioning, and a variety of other testing methodologies and programs.

For almost 40 years, NJ MET has been a pioneer in the Commercial, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and Space fields providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing.

Our state of the art electronic testing capabilities have accommodated the prime contractors of the United States Department of Defense, the aerospace and industrial industries as well as the FAA, the FCC, the European Community Council and the Israeli Aerospace and Defense Industries.

Moreover, NJ MET provides quality testing, re-certification, upscreening, qualification, and manufacturing of electronic component products (custom/obsolete) including component solutions for discontinued devices.  NJMET also provides engineering consultation services tailored to the specific needs of the clients.

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