Welcome to Joseph Federico Risk Mitigation Program

Here you will find information about Joseph Federico an accomplished engineer and Vice-President of NJ MET Electronics.

Joseph Federico Risk Mitigation Program

Joseph Federico, Director of Operations and Vise President of NJ MET, has worked tirelessly to establish the company as a market leader. NJ MET is headquartered in Clifton, NJ with branches in England, and throughout the United States.

For nearly 40 years, NJ MET has been a pioneer in the Commercial, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Automotive and Space fields providing worldwide quality electronic component/product testing.

Moreover, NJ MET provides quality testing, risk mitigation program, re-certification, up screening, qualification, and manufacturing of electronic component products (custom/obsolete) including component solutions for discontinued devices.

NJ MET are continually working to improve the science of their counterfeit component risk mitigation program, Mission Imposter®, which is used by their engineers and engineering project managers to prevent counterfeit product distribution.

When performed correctly, electrical testing provides a more thorough exercise in analyzing performance accuracy thereby ensuring risk mitigation. These are the type of advancements Joseph Federico has brought to the electronic testing industry.

To discover information and updates on Joseph Federico's Risk Mitigation Program, please visit NJMET at www.njmetmtl.com.